Accounting and Property Management Software

Imagine reducing manager workload and boosting customer satisfaction simultaneously

Discover Neomanage, the platform that seamlessly blends AI-assisted communication, accounting, and maintenance for effortless management.

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Proven results


Daily time saved on crafting 40 emails to owners and vendors


Workload reduction in accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bookkeeping


Faster processing of service requests, quotes, and work orders


Make Communication a Breeze with NeoAI

NeoAI analyzes your email history, understands the context, and helps you draft responses. With one click, you have a professional response, announcement, or a violation letter ready to be sent.

  • Create friendly and professional email responses quickly
  • Draft violation letters, policy documents, and meeting minutes
  • Benefit from hours saved on letter typing
  • Access AI-powered guidance for common questions

Banking and Accounting Automation

Automate Your Financial Management

Make financial management easier with automated banking, receivables, payables, and bookkeeping. Neomanage handles owner billing, payments, late fees, vendor invoices, reconciliations, and financial reporting.

  • Collect payments through ACH and mailed checks
  • Send vendor payments through e-payment or billpay
  • Auto-record and reconcile bank transactions for accurate books
  • Stay informed with real-time, comprehensive financial reports

Property Management

Streamline Service Requests, Work Orders, and RFQs

Manage service requests, work orders, and RFQs in a single click. Neomanage's platform turns requests into work orders or quotes from multiple vendors, centralizing all tasks and documentation.

  • Convert emails or service requests into work orders or RFQs in a single click
  • Leverage AI for work order details and preferred vendor selection
  • Automate recurring follow-ups to ensure timely progress
  • Centralize work orders, quotes, invoices, and approvals management

Resident and Board Portal

Empower Your Community with Self-Service Tools

The resident portal allows residents to review statement, set up payments, and raise service requests. The board portal streamlines approvals and real-time reporting, enhancing transparency.

  • Instantly access statements and reports
  • Choose from flexible payment options: e-payments or remote check deposits
  • Effortlessly track and approve invoices
  • Stay updated with real-time insights and data

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Enjoy unlimited support, 7 days a week

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We cater to portfolios ranging from 100 to 10,000 units, with a pricing model that adapts to your needs.

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